Are you Longing for a Natural Birth? Look no further than these 3 Key Strategies!

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My youngest child is about to turn a year old, so I wanted to take some time to reflect on my pregnancy. I did things quite a bit differently with #2 than I did with #1. I went with a midwife instead of an OB, became quite attached to a few awesome products that made life so much easier to manage, and had a natural birth experience that was amazing. I would like to share with you my top recommendations for an amazing pregnancy and birth!

Midwife vs. Obstetrician

As I mentioned, making the choice to go with a midwife was incredible. There is such a difference between the two professions. The intimate personal attention that you receive through a midwife is essential to pursuing a natural birth process. I never felt rushed at my visits, she always took the time to answer my questions and was available for phone calls anytime of the day. Her nurses were very involved in her practice and they did their best to really address all my concerns.

My midwife was extremely supportive of my birth plan and worked with me every step of the way to make sure we were taking steps to meet all my goals. I discovered that birth plans are extremely helpful when you are seeking a natural birth. I had tried writing a birth plan with my first child and it was dismissed every step of the way with my OB. I got so discouraged that I gave up on it and just followed along with what the Dr. wanted me to do.

Not this time though. I was determined to see this natural birth process through to the end! I fought through some pretty nasty morning (um, seriously who came up with that term?!-this was all day long kind of nausea!) sickness. My midwife suggested using a split dose of unisom and vitamin B. It did as good a job as possible managing my 24 week long ordeal. This was on top of working night shift for the first month, and while fighting to get to day shift for health concerns (that’s a whole other story!) During all of it, my midwife was patient and so very supportive (writing at least 5 notes for my overbearing employer!).

So, my number one recommendation for achieving a natural birth is to find a midwife! Check out American College of Nurse-Midwives for a provider in your area!

Best product for achieving a Natural Birth

 I just had to share with you what I used to fix my cycle after making the life changing decision to honor God by forever walking away from hormonal birth control. My cycle was an absolute disaster! I was dealing with clotting, abnormal cycle lengths, horrendous cramping, you name it I dealt with it. I was so lost and so confused and had no idea what to do. Until I made the decision to consult with a midwife instead of an OB Dr. One of the best choices ever!

My midwife immediately recommended that I begin using some form of red raspberry leaf-either extract in pill form ( I use this supplement ) or in loose leaf tea ( I use this tea ). I was extremely skeptical, but had nothing to lose, so I gave it a try. I used both forms of the herb and had amazing results very quickly. Within 3 months my cycle was beginning to settle into a recognizable pattern!

I bought a supply of the supplement in pill form and I used it to fill in when I wasn’t able to drink tea. Because lets be honest, it can get exhausting to drink the same thing multiple times a day. However, I did find that making the tea in an iced form was very refreshing and tasted amazing when mixed with raw honey. I maintained my supply using Amazon-the tea was available on subscribe and save (which became such a blessing!), the pill form was not but was still super easy to order with Amazon Prime. My midwife recommended 3 servings a day, in either pill or tea form (please check with your own midwife/Dr for their recommendations based on your health).

Within 6 months I was pregnant. I couldn’t believe it. How in the world could something so simple and so natural have such an impact?! My midwife had certainly won my trust and confidence! In the third trimester of my pregnancy she then recommended that I begin taking the supplement again (please don’t take during the first 2 trimesters as it has potential to cause miscarriage!). I began with just 1 serving a day and moved up to 3 servings a day again as I neared the end of my pregnancy. There is no doubt in my mind that this was one of the keys to a nearly painless, extremely fast natural birth!

The most amazing Natural Childbirth Class

Let me tell you ladies, I was so very frustrated at the beginning of all of this as I searched and searched for the best (and let’s be honest-least expensive!) option for a natural birthing class. I was finding all kinds of options in the $200-500 range. I don’t know about you but I didn’t have that kind of cash laying around waiting to give away!

Then I stumbled upon the most amazing resource! Giving Birth Naturally became my natural birthing champion! The concept of the program is incredible-offer women of all backgrounds and financial situations the ability to free their bodies to do what they are designed to do! The course is a whopping $50. Yes, you read that right….$50! And that is for a LIFETIME membership to their incredible website and all their resources.  You can also get a print copy of the book ‘Birth Outside the Box’ lovingly written by Catherine C. Beier. Amazing!

I would love to hear about your birth experiences, tell me the one thing you did/used that made your experience better!



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