Are you in the midst of a storm right now? I know I am, and I would like to share a few crazy details and 3 quick tips to not drown!

Remember when I told you that I was coming to you tired and weary? Well the storm continues to brew and I thought I’d share a few of the crazy details and offer a few bits of advice that I have picked up through the struggle. Our lives at the moment read somewhat like an insane novel written with complete disregard for the characters’ sanity! Grab a good cup of coffee or a lovely glass of wine and hold on-it’s a wild ride!

storms of life

When the storm is relentless

I seriously feel like a tiny boat tossed about on a raging sea. Everytime we turn around something ridiculous is happening. I can’t start at the very beginning because quite frankly I can’t even put it all together right now, so I’ll start with just the last 2 months….

We have 3 horses-if we are being honest they are really just big, expensive dogs! We are still in the process of putting up a round pen and arena, so these horses of ours are literally hay-burners right now! Our dear hay-burners were out to pasture and got a little too rambunctious and our old man my, Hank (my 5 year old daughter’s horse) got injured. So he’s been on stall rest. Of course this has devastated our already weary daughter (another story for another day…). Stall rest means extra love for the old man and a lot of extra work for mom and dad…stall cleaning, tending to the injury etc. So there is what I’ll call wave #1.

If its not enough to deal with health issues in a horse-bring on wave #2…our family health issues. Now don’t get me wrong-all things considered we are all ok. We aren’t dealing with anything serious-THANK THE LORD! On the contrary we are dealing with non stop sicknesses, um…since Christmas-last year!

We’ve had everything from both types of flu, respiratory issues, 4-count them-4 rounds of pink eye, pneumonia, multiple ER trips…you name it, its been in my house!  We just wrapped up dealing with our latest case of pink eye. One eye in each munchkin, then it moved to the opposite eye. Then my beloved gets it. I think we are on the mend though….I do believe I have uttered those words at least a dozen times in the last 7 months! Maybe I should bite my tongue!

And in comes wave #3-quite literally!  We got between 10 and 13” of rain in about 3 hours, on top of months of higher than average rainfall-and guess what??…our basement floods. The day after my beloved gets pink eye we end up with 2 feet of water through our whole basement! Appliances and furnaces damaged and destroyed, 14 years worth of our lives gone in an instant.

There are blessings in the midst for sure and we make sure to acknowledge them-we didn’t have a finished basement, we have at least some level of insurance coverage, industrial pumps were available at the local hardware store, and nobody got hurt! Thank God for those blessings or I may have been close to losing my mind!

Ready for wave #4?? Are you sure?! Our old man who’s on stall rest….who was getting better….came up lame (unable to walk) yet again! And so as I investigate the source of the lameness, I find an abscess in his hoof. Sigh…so we have the vet out and start treatment for this newest ailment. 

This wave is still crashing when wave #5 comes in full force…my horse, Beau, meets me at the gate the other morning when I got home from working all night and he has a gash over the top of his eye! He has tissue hanging out and it is pussing, certainly in need of stitches. JUST. AWESOME. So out comes the vet for an emergency visit…a bunch of stitches later and he’s now on the mend. Whew- I am not looking forward to these vet bills! Thank God again that both boys are now resting comfortably.

Before I can even finish editing this post, we get hit with yet another crashing wave. My husband’s horse, Zip must have felt left out because he ends up needing an emergency vet visit for breathing difficulties.  We were given yet another treatment regiment and need to make some changes to his environment to keep him healthy.  Could always be worse right?!

When it rains it pours


And of course no storm is complete without the rain. Our rain is coming in the form of constant little frustrations and struggles. Should I list them?

Ok, here goes….after clearing out the basement we flood again…and again, our freezer in the kitchen is about to go out and is making the most obnoxious of noises (disturbing any already barely existent moments of peace), my phone quit working, our garden is dying (um, because 4” of standing water has never been good for any vegetable!), the brakes on our truck go out, then the parts people at the store sell my husband the wrong caliper (so he has to do the work all over again), our roof is leaking, my milk supply (I have somehow managed to nurse even while working night shift) has tanked, and I’ve been dealing with significant issues at work. I just know I’ve forgotten probably as many as I have listed….but hey, who’s counting!?

Lessons we learn in the storm

This storm is sure to continue until it has served its purpose-which we are still waiting for God to reveal. So if I may share a few lessons we are learning in this storm…

My knees are the safest place for my tired and weary heart to find rest

I literally fall on my knees at times as I feel like I’m about to go off the deep end. I am so incredibly busy that it is a real struggle to find time for my Bible. But I have a few tricks that I use to make sure I get at least a few minutes a day in the Word. (keep reading for a chance to check out my 5 favorite apps that help me keep my peace and sanity!)

When everything is falling apart and it would be easy to take frustrations out on my beloved-resist the temptation!

We are in this together and satan would love nothing more than to divide us in this storm. We are much easier to defeat when we are defeating ourselves for him. Cling tight to your spouse when you are falling apart. Take a few minutes a day to encourage each other and lift each other out of the pits.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart (Psalm 3:5)

This testing of our faith can either bring us closer to God or create resentment and anger that is sure to lead us away from the arms of our faithful Father. We have choices and we can choose to draw closer to Him and be guided or we can withdraw and try to figure this crazy world out on our own-I’ve chosen the latter and it is a disasterous course-I choose Him. He will sustain us, He will guide us, and He will work everything for the good of those who love Him! (Psalm 55:22, Isaiah 58:11, Romans 8:28)


This crazy ride is exhausting but sharing it with you brings comfort that it is not for vain…the saga is not over so check back for more on this storm!

What storm are you in? What lessons can you share as you become a Titus 2 woman to those around you?



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