To the mom getting nasty looks in Church 

Its sunday morning…you have the best intention of getting to Church early so you can have a peaceful 5 minutes of prayer and listen to the chior sing. 

Then it happens…the kids take forever to get ready, someone spills on their clothes, you cant find shoes, the baby poops his diaper,  you forget something on your way out the door…Been there??

I know I have! And it’s exhausting and frustrating and…embarrassing…especially when you finally get to the Church…late. 

Nasty looks

If looks could kill!

Oh the looks you get from some people!!! Seriously, I think some of their faces just might stay like that if they looked any harder at you! Tell me you don’t remember your mother telling you that?!;)  

They stare, they scowl,  frown, shake their heads…you name it. Then heaven forbid your children are not perfect angels.  Oh boy, then you are really in for it!  

I know the feeling

From one mom who’s been there to another, I want to tell you you are not alone, that God sees your effort in getting there in the first place, and that no matter how frazzled you are there is purpose in that struggle. 

I have seen the looks we’ve gotten and I’ve seen the looks other families have gotten. Now don’t get me wrong, it is absolutely not the norm,  but those few snide looks are enough to make you question why you even bother. 

Why bother?

Why do you bother anyway?! Why?? Because God’s thoughts about you matter far more than theirs! He sees all the effort you put in and He knows how easy it would be to look at the clock and say…why even try…He is pleased with you and what you are doing for His children. 

There is absolutely a purpose in those trying times. He is looking to fill your heart with His peace and bless you exceedingly beyond your comprehension. And that blessing sometimes comes in learning to be persistent, graceful, and humble. 

How should we respond?

You have a choice to make in the moment you walk through the doors of your Church….

You can bow your head in shame from the looks you get, or you can bow your head to your Heavenly Father who knows your heart.

You can give nasty looks or make a rude comment back, or you can smile and extent a blessing of peace.

The end result of the latter choices will be humility and love in your heart as you embrace your season of chaotic lateness. Please understand that God does not ask for perfection, He asks only for your devotion. 

So, my dear friends…how do you handle the looks on your Sunday mornings?!

I know you have a story...won't you share?!

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