How our Past prepares us for a Titus 2 Life

If you are anything like me, you have sometimes stepped back and wondered…what in the world did I have to go through that for?!  Why God? If you have lived enough life you hopefully have become wise enough to ask this question and actually think about the answer.  Why?  Because it is those trials, our past experiences, the hurts, the confusion, the challenges that are preparing us for the Titus 2 life that God is calling us to.


Do you run from your past?

Often times we feel the need to run away from our past.  We desperately want to leave it behind and forget it ever happened and ‘move on’ to whatever is next.  I have found that it is imperative to our walk as women, wives, and mothers that we fight against this urge.  Those trials are exactly what God needs us to walk through in order to do the work that He has planned for us.  We can’t grow in our walk with Him, in our role as women in this world, or our role as wives and mothers if we ignore the lessons of our past.  We can’t even begin to ‘train’ the ‘younger’ women if we refuse to acknowledge how we got to where we are.

Now this is not to say that we will ever get to a point in our lives where the trials end and THEN we can then embark on this Titus 2 journey.  If we sit around and wait for life to be perfect before we take a step we will never move.  The key is to continue to learn and implement changes as needed to continue to grow.  The more trials we go through the stronger we become and the more we can turn around and share lessons learned with other women.  I invite you to check out my posts on The Storms of Life for encouragement and guidance in the midst of your trials.

Embracing your past

So how is it that we turn these trials into lessons learned and growth?  I have found that the way for me is through journaling.  How easy it is to forget things that we don’t write down?!  Pretty easy for me to be honest.  So I have made it a point to journal on a regular basis.  I have provided you with the next couple pages in a journal created especially for you as you journey with me on this walk as a Titus 2 woman.  Make sure you check out the first post in this series at What is this Calling to be a Titus 2 Woman?

I encourage you to print out the journal below and take an inventory of the trials in your life to help you better understand how you will be able to reach the women in your sphere of influence that you are called to be a Titus 2 woman for.  We have all been through very specific trials for very specific reasons.  When we understand those trials and investigate the reasons we are better able to transfer those lessons to those that God places in our lives.

Discovering Your Calling as a Titus 2 Woman



4 Replies to “How our Past prepares us for a Titus 2 Life”

  1. Leaning from the storms I’ve walked through.. one I am still in the middle of…

    After a hard pregnancy at 9 weeks old my daughter was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. I took this very hard. It was something that shook my faith. I didn’t know anyone who had a special needs child, I felt alone. I didn’t know how to process this or that I should reach out for help. I hid in a lot of good places. Throughout this time I knew better than to let go of God but as I look back it is Him who didn’t let go of me.

    The day came when God came after my heart and taught me a lot of things. Using the wise words, love, and hugs of godly women I grew. I learned who God is as my Father, my comforter, and my strength.
    As I began to learn to tell this story everything that took me so long to learn was put to the test. This past January my other 2 children were diagnosed with severe hearing loss and my son also has selective mutism (a high anxiety that the hearing loss has contributed to). All my children now have special needs of some kind.

    I hope that this page and my blog will encourage many. As mom’s we all need encouragement. In my blog I am sharing my life, sharing hope, and sharing God’s Stories of Grace.

    I am also hoping and praying this will be a place of community for special needs moms. If you are one I invite you to join my God’s Stories of Grace Mom’s group.

    join me on my journey

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story! You are so brave and exactly what it means to be a Titus 2 Women, inspiring others to lean I closer to God and embrace their story and path!

  2. Ashley, this is so encouraging! You’re absolutely right—we can’t walk fully in our Titus calling without our past journey. Thank you for reminding me of that. I needed it today!

    1. I’m so glad this was helpful! Unfortunately too many of us try to hide from our past. God wants us instead to embrace His grace and testify to His goodness!

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