Loving Our Children as Our Father Loves Us

Won’t you walk with me for a moment….I’lll paint the picture for you…I am 9 months pregnant, and have a 2 year old little boy and a 6 (going on 16) year old little girl who both spend all day AT WORK WITH ME…can you tell yet where I am going with this?! My children are driving me up a wall and this momma has been on the verge of losing her mind all day. My daughter insists on being “mommy” and we have been fighting literally since she got out of bed this morning. The day ended the same way it started and that left me on my knees praying that the good Lord would HELP ME change her behavior! But wouldn’t you know…in true God fashion, He convicted MY heart.

loving our children
When the Holy Spirit convicts our hearts to Love our Children as He loves us

How did He save ME? Was is through punishment and scolding? No….discipline yes, but more than that it was through love. Agape (selfless) love that I knew nothing about until I felt it for myself. And that is the good new of the Gospel right? That He loves us unconditionally. And here’s the kicker for me and where I was at when He saved me…I finally realized that I didn’t have to fix myself before he would love me and show me that agape love. That came while I was broken and a mess….hhmmm, just like my daughter?

Wow, that was painful….to hear the Holy Spirit speaking truth to my heart that maybe I needed to re-evaluate how I was handling my daughter’s behavior. Loving her regardless of her mess, using discipline to bring her back to who she was created to be, not to satisfy my desire to get across how frustrated I am with her behavior? Forgiving her before she repents? It goes against all of our instincts…you know the ones….where you want to throw things and have a mommy tantrum?! And that’s how I know its conviction of my heart, because it defies the logic of the world. The miracle of the Gospel is that through this agape love, through grace and forgiveness we are drawn closer to who we were created to be and we naturally strive to be more Christ-like.

Training a child in the way she should go is hard work, and sometimes us moms get it all wrong. Sometimes we make mistakes and handle ourselves like…um…children? But the saving grace is that there is hope in the blood of Jesus. He sacrificed everything so that even after we’ve come to know Him, we could still find forgiveness for our human-ness. It is not going to be easy, I’m going to have some major mommy annoyance/exhaustion/frustration battles to overcome….but the other good news? I don’t have to do it alone…and neither do you. He will guide us and show us how to be humble, agape loving mother’s, leading our children to Him.

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  1. Did you see the breakfast table in my house this morning? 🙂 This hit home for me as I am providing the ministry of discipline to my 7yo daughter. I love your focus on Titus 2 womanhood — it’s the focus of my blog too, but from the perspective of pouring into younger women: http://www.sarabrunsvold.com. Blessings to you!

    1. This motherhood thing is hard! I think it is so important to share our experience and guidance with the younger moms and wives. I know I wish I had someone holding my hand through my now almost 15 years of marriage! We need to lift each other up and stop comparing…we need each other! And thanks for subscribing…it means a lot!

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