About Me

Titus 2 to You

I am so glad you are here!  I am Ashley…child of God, wife to my dearly beloved husband, and mom to two of the craziest/most lovable kids I’ve ever met.  We live on a small hobby farm/homestead with our horses, chickens, dog, and cat (a bit of a funny farm if you will!). The to do list around here grows larger by the day, but this lifestyle is certainly a blessing!

The season we are in has me working full time outside of our home (night shift), so I come to you tired and weary, yet longing to share with you all that God has put on my heart. My story is one of redemption, forgiveness, unconditional love, trial/error, and dig your heels in kind of perseverance!

Until about 6 months ago I had no idea what a blog even was. Sure, I’d read all of the amazing articles I could possibly find on Pinterest, but I just recently came to understand how all those amazing women were sharing their story. For the longest time I had been praying that doors would be opened for me to share my story and all that I’ve learned…I had no idea it could potentially turn into my career!

Que Titus 2 to You! Here I will share with you my life experience, God’s grace at work, and the best ways that I’ve found to navigate this crazy beautiful life…all through the lens of Biblical Truth. Titus 2 to You isn’t just for me to share with you but for all of us to share and grow together in our walk to and with Christ.

As a wife and mother striving to be a Titus 2 woman, I want to encourage you to be a Titus 2 woman to others in your own journey! We each have a story to tell, lessons we’ve learned and blessings we’ve received.   Our calling in this life is to share it all and be a witness for Christ, so I hope you will join me as I set out into a new season!