Loving Our Children as Our Father Loves Us

loving our children

Won’t you walk with me for a moment….I’lll paint the picture for you…I am 9 months pregnant, and have a 2 year old little boy and a 6 (going on 16) year old little girl who both spend all day AT WORK WITH ME…can you tell yet where I am going with this?! My children are driving me up a wall and this momma has been on the verge of losing her mind all day. My daughter insists on being “mommy” and we have been fighting literally since she got out of bed this morning. The day ended the same way it started and that left me on my knees praying that the good Lord would HELP ME change her behavior! But wouldn’t you know…in true God fashion, He convicted MY heart.

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How our Past prepares us for a Titus 2 Life

If you are anything like me, you have sometimes stepped back and wondered…what in the world did I have to go through that for?!  Why God? If you have lived enough life you hopefully have become wise enough to ask this question and actually think about the answer.  Why?  Because it is those trials, our past experiences, the hurts, the confusion, the challenges that are preparing us for the Titus 2 life that God is calling us to.

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My dear sisters, you need to know…It is ok to not be ok!

So here’s the deal…it is ok to not be ok. I am not ok…it has been a long, tough year and I do not have it all together. As I search for ways to make this blog thing work for me and my family I keep hitting brick walls and I keep landing in places that paint this picture that everyone has it together…except me!


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Are you struggling to understand what true obedience means?

true meaning of obedience

True meaning of obedience


So, I know the risks I take launching a Blog in 2017 with the word ‘obedience’ in the title. I know the risk I take launching a Blog with the word ‘obedience’ repeated several times just in my introduction. It is a risk I’m willing to take because I hope and pray that you will see my authenticity and you will see the truth in what I write.  Understanding how Biblical obedience applies to your life will help you to understand how it is a blessing and not a chore!

Do I really expect you to believe Me?!

The word obedience seems to be skewed so far out of context when it comes to Biblical truth and especially when its related to the role of a woman in today’s world. From where I stand (being born again-going from a life of sin to being a sinner saved by grace and faith in Jesus Christ), obedience is the ultimate act of love.

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Are you Longing for a Natural Birth? Look no further than these 3 Key Strategies!

Natural Birth

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My youngest child is about to turn a year old, so I wanted to take some time to reflect on my pregnancy. I did things quite a bit differently with #2 than I did with #1. I went with a midwife instead of an OB, became quite attached to a few awesome products that made life so much easier to manage, and had a natural birth experience that was amazing. I would like to share with you my top recommendations for an amazing pregnancy and birth!

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