How our Past prepares us for a Titus 2 Life

If you are anything like me, you have sometimes stepped back and wondered…what in the world did I have to go through that for?!  Why God? If you have lived enough life you hopefully have become wise enough to ask this question and actually think about the answer.  Why?  Because it is those trials, our past experiences, the hurts, the confusion, the challenges that are preparing us for the Titus 2 life that God is calling us to.

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Continuing to Step Out in Faith when Faced with Adversity

When we face adversity we often wish it would just go away.  Or at the very least just happen quickly while we stand still, close our eyes and wait for the worst to pass us by.  Do you ever feel this way?  Especially when you have boldly stepped out in faith to do what God has called you to? And you think to yourself…”why me, why now?”

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Stepping Out in Faith and Trusting Him

follow God's will

Have you ever believed in your heart that God is calling you to something?  That He has pressed upon you His plan and as terrifying as it may be you feel the hunger to follow Him?  Only to be met with adversity, chaos, and trouble?  Have you ever cried out “Lord, I only wish to do Your will, why is this so hard?!  Why are You not making the way so I can serve You as You wish?!”

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To the mom getting nasty looks in Church 

Its sunday morning…you have the best intention of getting to Church early so you can have a peaceful 5 minutes of prayer and listen to the chior sing. 

Then it happens…the kids take forever to get ready, someone spills on their clothes, you cant find shoes, the baby poops his diaper,  you forget something on your way out the door…Been there??

I know I have! And it’s exhausting and frustrating and…embarrassing…especially when you finally get to the Church…late. 

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Advice from our Husbands-asking AND listening

asking advice

I have a confession to make….I have a terrible habit of NOT listening to my husband’s advice.  I have made vast improvements in this department in the last couple years, but I still have room to grow (don’t we all?!)  There are a few relatively minor changes that we all can make in order to let our beloved spouses know that we actually do value their opinions…I’m telling you, it does wonders for the marital relationship when we as wives ask for and actually listen to the advice of our husbands!

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Peace is in the eye of the Believer

You’ve certainly heard ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’-well after the last several months of pure chaos I am convinced that PEACE is in the eye of the BELIEVER! If you aren’t sure what chaos I’m referring to check out The Storms of Life. The saga continues to get crazier, but the peace in my heart assures me that God certainly does go before me (Deuteronomy 31:8).

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